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Sports, Wellness & Recreation

Youth Sports

Our Sports Department strives to provide a broad base of programs which gives our members the opportunity to learn discipline, teamwork, conditioning, and sportsmanship. This coincides with the Y’s mission of providing programs and services that promote youth development and health and well-being, as well as the focus on our four core values: caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.

Y sports develop more than just skills–they develop character. In Youth Sports, there are no tryouts and no one gets cut from the teams. Everyone who registers is assigned to a team and all players have the opportunity for equal playing time in games, teaching participants valuable social and teamwork skills and contributing to a healthier community. All players participate throughout practices and games. This keeps players physically active, increases their ability in sport, develops communication, and boosts their physical skills.

The Everyone Plays component:

  • Allows all participants the opportunity to feel like part of a team
  • Allows all participants the ability to learn the game through playing
  • Empowers staff to communicate with coaches to provide the ‘Everyone Plays’ environment

Preschool Sports

The New Canaan YMCA provides an opportunity for boys and girls to participate in sports throughout the year.

Backyard Sports (Ages 3-5)
This preschool class is all about fun and introducing some sports skills to our little kids. This class will cover a wide range of games and skills, kids will play kick ball, soccer, t-ball, and many other fun games. Seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring

Preschool Soccer (Ages 3-5)
Presented by Blue Wave Kickers (BWK), fun is the single most important thing Blue Wave Kickers teaches. BWK instructors’ enthusiasm spreads like wildfire, and the kids love the game. This class engages children in physical activity while developing their motor skills and basic soccer skills. Fun and imaginative games also help build self-confidence and self esteem. Seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring

School-Age Sports

Golf (Grades K-5)
Learn golf in a fun environment with our certified instructors. Swing fundamentals are taught along with basic rules and etiquette. The program is designed for children to develop a passion for golf while developing and improving motor skills and coordination, helping with focus and boosting self-confidence. Our 5-level program will advance children through all aspects of the game and prepare them to go out and play on the golf course. Our instructors create the right balance between fun and fundamentals. All equipment is provided, including softer practice balls. Seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring

Junior Tennis (Ages 6-16)
Presented by Slammer Tennis world, this 6-week program will teach kids the basics of tennis in a fun-filled atmosphere! Strokes covered include ground strokes and volleys, the overhead, and the serve. The class will also incorporate light exercises and footwork drills to build stamina. Program is taught by a certified tennis teaching professional. Seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer

Archery (Ages 8-13)
Archers learn a unique sport that has been around for centuries but continues to excite! The class will be a mix of skill games and competitive shooting to carefully track the progress of each archer. Experience the joy of becoming a master archer in a safe and welcoming environment! Seasons: TBD

Girls’ Volleyball: Beginner (Grades 5-8)
This class for middle school girls (in grades 5-8) is an introduction to the fundamentals of volleyball. No experience necessary! Seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring

Girls’ Volleyball: Intermediate (Grades 5-8)
Prerequisite: completed a volleyball basics class. This class is a natural progression after completing a volleyball basics class to help fine-tune players’ existing skills. This is not a class for proficient volleyball players. Seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring

Youth Basketball League (Y-Ball)

This league exists for the youth of our community, providing them with the opportunity to experience and develop basketball skills. The primary objective of the YMCA is to develop people, not professional athletes. All Coaches are volunteers who are dedicated to developing youth and will emphasize the values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.

The Youth Basketball League is open to boys and girls in Kindergarten through twelfth grade and consists of week-day practices and one game each Saturday from December through mid-March. Clinic programs are featured for boys and girls in Kindergarten through 1st grade. Participants in clinics will learn basic basketball skills through fun games and instruction. Boys’ leagues are separated by second grade, third grade, fourth grade, fifth/sixth grades, seventh/eighth grades, and high school. Girls’ leagues are offered as second grade, third/fourth grades, fifth/sixth grades, and seventh/eight grades.

Elementary-Middle School Basketball League
Players in kindergarten through eighth grade will begin play in December. League-wide evaluations for grades two through eight will take place in November at the New Canaan YMCA. Please refer to upcoming registration packet for the schedule. Players must be registered in order to participate in evaluation day. Practices will begin the first week of December and games will begin on the first Saturday in December. The season will last through the beginning of March.

Registration: Kindergarten-eighth grade registration begins mid-late fall. All paperwork is due prior to participant’s evaluation day.

High School Basketball League
The High School League is a fun program designed for high school students to enjoy playing the game with friends in a non-competitive environment. Teams are led by volunteer high school captains. According to CIAC rules, participants are not eligible to play in the league if they play for their high school team. After registration, teams will be formed and the high school games will begin. Teams in the High School League do not have formal practices, and just enjoy games on Wednesday evenings and Saturdays throughout the season, ending in March.

Registration: High School League registration begins mid-late fall and has an extended registration deadline in December to accommodate high school team try-outs.