Y Raises Nearly $12,000 at Buckets for Kibera Basketball Tournament

The New Canaan YMCA raised nearly $12,000 at its Buckets for Kibera three-on-three charity basketball tournament held earlier this summer, where all proceeds benefitted Y partner, Facing The Future (FAFU) Childhood Learning Center, based in the African slum of Kibera, Kenya.

New Canaan High School seniors, Benjamin Sarda and Stephen Wronski, planned the three-on-three charity basketball tournament during their internship at the Y this spring. “Touching the lives of an underdeveloped community and being big fans of basketball inspired us to come up with Buckets for Kibera,” said Sarda. “Our goal was to get as many people within our community to join the tournament in order to give back to a community in need,” added Wronski. All proceeds from the charity event will fund the feeding program at FAFU and a healthcare clinic to be utilized by the center.

The New Canaan YMCA maintains a 12-year partnership with FAFU, which serves over 300 needy children in Africa’s largest slum of Kibera. FAFU has been described as an oasis for the children of Kibera, providing a safe place to learn, grow, and thrive. Serving ages 18 months through 14 years, FAFU is committed to providing education, care, and hope to the neediest children of Kibera. While at school, children are fed two meals each day, which is often their only food and water source. Medical attention is a unique benefit available at FAFU, and each year, the vast majority of FAFU eighth graders pass the national high school entrance exam with impressive marks.

Through the Y’s partnership with Facing the Future, there are many ways to provide financial assistance, including the Y’s fourth grade sponsorship program. For less than one dollar per day, the sponsorship assists one fourth grade student from FAFU to not only create a lasting bond, but to also provide meals, clothing, medical assistance, education, and school supplies for one year. In addition, annual proceeds from the Craig Panzano High School Scholarship Fund pays the expenses for kids from Kibera to leave their wretched living conditions and go to high school. Since 2015, 32 children from FAFU have passed grade eight National Exam and attend high school either in private, boarding, or public high schools. Additionally, donations can be made to FAFU through the Y’s 2019 Annual Support Campaign or the Craig Panzano High school scholarship, which pays for two FAFU students to attend high school each year.

For more information about Facing the Future and the opportunity to sponsor a child, please contact Nicki Jezairian at 203-920-1657, njezairian@newcanaanymca.org.