Youth Sports & Wellness

Youth Sports

Y sports develop more than just skills – they develop character. We have several sports options to choose from, so pick your favorite and get your children in the game today!

Our Sports Department strives to provide a broad base of programs which gives our members the opportunity to learn discipline, teamwork, conditioning, and sportsmanship. This coincides with the Y’s mission of providing programs and services that promote youth development and health and well-being, as well as the focus on our four core values: Caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.

In Youth Sports, there are no tryouts and no one gets cut from the teams. Everyone who registers is assigned to a team and all players have the opportunity for equal playing time in games, teaching participants valuable social and teamwork skills and contributing to a healthier community. All players participate throughout practices and games. This keeps players physically active, increases their ability in sport, develops communication, and boosts their physical skills.

The Everyone Plays component:

•Allows all participants the opportunity to feel like part of a team

•Allows all participants the ability to learn the game through playing

•Empowers staff to communicate with coaches to provide the ‘Everyone Plays’ environment