Group Fitness

Water Group Exercise Classes

Water is a wonderful, supportive environment to exercise in. Athletes have been using water exercise for years to rehab injuries or to cross-train for their sport. The great thing about water exercise is the ability to use the properties of water to vary the intensity of a workout thereby making it a wonderful form of exercise for all ages and abilities.

To let you experience this for yourself. we offer water exercise classes taught in our Forese Scooter Pool. If you have any questions about Water Exercise Classes or you need help getting started, please contact Kristin Schnitzler, Group Wellness Director at 203-920-1636.


This complete water exercise program is taught mostly in the shallow water with some time also spent in the deep end. The workout focuses on cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, as well as flexibility.

Hydrofit Circuit
This aquatic based circuit class will challenge you and improve all aspects of fitness. Work your way through various exercise stations under the motivation and guidance of your instructor.

Hydro Intervals
High energy cardio and resistance. Get fit in a fun aquatic environment using a variety of equipment and exercises. This class is suitable for all fitness levels and injury free individuals.

Ai Chi
This class brings the principles of Tai Chi to the water. Enjoy this unique blend of balance, relaxation, and mental concentration.

This water exercise class is specifically designed for active older adults. This is fun class, great for improving physical, social, and mental well being! Aquamates is a 45-minute class.

Welcome to the “pool party” workout for all ages! Safe, effective and challenging water based workouts that integrate traditional water fitness moves with Latin dance rhythms. Come join the fitness!

Deep Water Core
Gain abdominal and low back strength through a series of free-flowing, safe movements while suspended in deep water. The non-weight bearing nature of these exercises make it a great option for anyone looking to retain core strength while rehabbing an injury. Open to all ages and fitness levels.