Youth Sports

School-Age Sports

New Canaan YMCA provides an opportunity for boys and girls to participate in a wide variety of sports throughout the year.

Golf (Grades K-5)

Learn golf in a safe, fun environment with our certified instructors. Swing fundamentals are taught along with basic rules and etiquette. This program is designed to develop a passion for golf while developing and improving motor skills and coordination, helping with focus, and boosting self-confidence. All equipment is provided, including softer practice balls. Our 5-level program will advance children through all aspects of the game and prepare them to go
out and play on the golf course. Our instructors create the right balance between fun and fundamentals.
Sessions: Fall, Winter, Spring

Brazilian Jui Jitsu (Ages 7-12)

Learn self-defense, patience, quick decision making skills and more while building your self-esteem and confidence in our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class. Participants will be taught this martial art/combat sport that focuses on grappling and especially ground fighting. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu promotes that anyone of any size and stature can successfully defend themselves through proper technique against bigger and stronger opponents. Due to BJJ’s ‘size doesn’t matter’ philosophy it is quickly becoming the industry leader in self defense and its skills can be used by anyone.
Sessions: Fall, Winter, Spring

Junior Tennis (Ages 6-15)

Presented by Slammer Tennis World! Kids will learn the basics of tennis in a fun-filled atmosphere. Strokes covered include ground strokes and volleys, the overhead, and the serve. The class will also incorporate some light exercises and footwork drills to build stamina. Lessons taught by a certified tennis teaching professional. All students must bring their own tennis racquet to class.
Sessions: Fall, Winter, Spring

Fencing (Ages 7+)

Looking for something new for your child to try? This program is a great introduction to an Olympic sport that has been around for centuries. Participants will learn the basic footwork, hand positioning, and much more.
Sessions: Fall, Winter, Spring

Beginner Archery (Ages 8-13)

TClasses offer a basic introduction to the sport, safety tips, maintenance, and shooting techniques. All equipment will
be provided.
Sessions: Fall, Winter and Spring

Intermediate Archery (Prerequisite: Beginner Archery or Archery at Camp Y-Ki)

While still covering the basics, this class is meant to hone the skills of those who have already experienced the sport. The class will be a mix of skill games and competitive shooting to carefully track the progress of each archer. Experience the joy of becoming a master archer in a safe and welcoming environment!
Sessions: Fall and Spring