Preschool Swim Classes

Preschool Swim One-On-One Lessons

One-on-One swim lessons are private or semi–private lessons provided by the
New Canaan YMCA recreational swim program.

Scheduling One-on-One lessons is subject to pool and instructor availability. Our-One-on-One lessons are usually scheduled during FAMILY SWIM times, however, on the rare occasion where a group lesson is cancelled, a One-on-One lesson may be scheduled in the time slot. Only adult one on one lessons will also utilize the Valles Pool depending on the day and time needed.

*** If a lesson is scheduled during a cancelled class time slot, the time slot is only available for that present session & is subject to change with the following session.

One-on-One lessons are priced:
$50/30 minute lesson for members
$65/30 minute lesson for non-members

$42.50/30 minute semi– private lesson per child for members
$50/30 minute semi-private lesson per child for non-members

Requests for One-on-One lessons must be done via email only to Josephine Rojas, Aquatic Director at

We ask for at least 24-hour notice on any cancellations.

To cancel your One-on-One lesson, you must call Josephine Rojas,  Aquatic Director  at 203-920-1650. Cancelling with no notice or “no shows” must be paid for.

Please also be sure to arrive on time for lessons. All lessons will end at the scheduled time regardless of start time if a member is late.

For additional information about One-on-One swim lessons, contact Josephine Rojas at 203-920-1650.