Youth Sports

Preschool Sports

The New Canaan YMCA provides an opportunity for boys and girls to participate in sports throughout the year.

Backyard Sports (Ages 3-5)

Presented by Blue Wave Kickers (BWK), this preschool class is all about fun and introducing some sports skills to our little kids. This class will cover a wide range of games and skills, kids will play kick ball, soccer, t-ball, and many other fun games.
Sessions: Fall, Winter, Spring

Preschool Soccer (Ages 3-5)

Presented by Blue Wave Kickers (BWK), fun is the single most important thing Blue Wave Kickers teaches. BWK instructors’ enthusiasm spreads like wildfire, and the kids love the game. This class engages children in physical activity while developing their motor skills and basic soccer skills. Fun and imaginative games also help build self-confidence and self esteem.
Sessions: Fall, Winter, Spring