Personal Fitness

Pilates Apparatus

Pilates apparatus exercise is a versatile, accessible movement system for everyone, and anyone from beginner to advanced will enhance their mind-body connection with their core muscles to work better and faster to change the body. Last but not least, working on the equipment is fun! Equipment: 4 Peak Pilates Deluxe Systems and 4 MvE Pilates Chairs.

Instructors: Please refer to current brochure.

Some of the benefits include:

• Improves core strength.
• Most back pain is relieved.
• Helps with injury prevention.
• Improves muscle flexibility and joint mobility.
• Increases coordination and improves posture, balance, and alignment.
• Reduces stress in the body and mind.
• Increases your strength and gives your body a leaner, sleeker shape.

Pilates Apparatus classes are in addition to our drop-in Pilates Mat classes, which are offered in our Mind-Body Center.  Pilates Apparatus is an excellent exercise option for adults of all ages and abilities from top athletes to people just starting a workout regimen. Using Pilates Apparatus helps you to develop flexibility and good posture by focusing on your “core,” or center, predominantly your abdominals, back, and legs. The machines are elevated off the ground and provide resistance or assistance as needed to the exerciser. Because of the versatility of the Pilates Apparatus, the workout is appropriate for participants of all fitness levels:

• New exerciser
• Regular exerciser
• Active older adults
• Post-rehab patients
• Special populations—Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Pre/Post-natal, etc.
• Athletes


To sign up for a group class, fill out a Pilates Apparatus registration form and waiver. Forms are also available at the front desk; return your form starting on the first day of registration. You will be placed in a class on a first-come, first-served basis. Every effort will be made to place you according to level.
Participants who miss a class during the session can attend a makeup class during the week following the session. This will be the only make-up class allowed. Questions: Contact Bridget Philipp at 203-920-1626.

Private and Semi-Private Group Pilates Apparatus Classes

Sign up for private or semi-private classes by filling out the Pilates Apparatus Private registration form and waiver. Return your form to the Y, and we will contact you to discuss your request. Private and semi-private classes are scheduled around class times. Please note: It is YMCA policy that if only one participant attends a pre-scheduled semi-private session, both participants will be charged. It is the responsibility of the two clients involved in a semi-private to schedule agreeable times.

All Pilates Apparatus participants must also submit an exercise waiver before participating in a class.

If you have any questions about Pilates Apparatus or you need help getting started please contact Bridget Philipp, Senior Director of Membership & Healthy Living at 203-920-1626.