Online Registration FAQs & Support

Q: I can’t log on.
A: You can only log on if you’re a member and it is 9:00 am or later during registration. If you are a member, make sure you are entering the correct “Login” and “Password.” To retrieve your “Login” and “Password,” go to “Online Registration” and click on “Login & Register” hyperlink. First time users should retrieve their “Login” and “Password” which will be sent to them once their e-mail address is recognized. If your login and password doesn’t work, click “Retrieve Login” and you’ll immediately be e-mailed this information. Once you enter your login and password, click “Submit” and you’ll then be on a page called “My Account.” You will then be able to register for classes and programs.

Q: My children don’t show up.
A: If your children are members but you’re not, then you need to enter the child’s name.

Q: I can’t find the class I want.
A: Hardcopies of our brochure are always available for our members at the front desk – feel free to pick up a copy. Also, our Member Relations Staff at the front desk are always happy to assist you.

Q: It says I’m already registered and I didn’t do anything.
A: If a transaction isn’t completed within 10 minutes, you’ll “time out,” and your transaction will go to a “pending” file. To release it, contact an Administrator (Leslie DeJesus or Pam Libertiny) at our Y.

Q: The system won’t take my credit card.
A: We only accept MasterCard or Visa. We don’t take American Express or Discovery.

Q: I used to be a member and want to renew so I can register online.
A: You must come in to join, but if you’re already a member, you can renew online.

Q: I’m waiting for financial aid and I’d like to register.
A: If you submitted your paperwork before 12 noon on Friday, it should be processed; if not, then we’ll process your paperwork as soon as possible and get back to you. If you haven’t completed any paperwork, forms are available online on our website. Once approved, you’ll then be able to register. Registration can only be processed or picked up at the front desk.

Q: I’m not sure which swim class is best for my child.
A: We strongly recommend that your child gets tested before signing up for a class. Since May, we’ve had testing days. At this point, you can contact Kim Rojas and she’ll schedule an evaluation at her convenience, however, you can still register for a class. If the class isn’t suited to the needs of your child and you want to change classes, there’s a $15 processing fee to do so.

Q: I realized I registered for the wrong class and I can’t delete it.
A: You’ll need to come to the front desk and complete a Class Change/Refund Form. There’s a $15 processing fee. You can still register for the correct class online, or at the front desk.

Q: I would like to request a refund.
A: If you would like to be considered for a refund, paperwork must be filled out and given to the front desk. There’s a $15 refund policy which is outlined on page 7 of our brochure.

If you have additional questions, please contact our Front Desk at 203-966-4528.