Facing the Future Child Development Learning Center

Meet Our Friends

Meet Simeon Ajigo, Executive Director and Founder of Facing the Future

simeon ajigoSimeon Ajigo founded Facing the Future in November of 2007 with the mission of serving needy children and youth in Africa’s largest slum, Kibera.

The Story of Simeon
I was born in a small rural village in Western Kenya, among an ethnic community called luo. My mother had passed away and I was with my father who was pretty old. I became sick on my left leg where some doctors had earlier recommended amputation from the knee joint. My father, who was illiterate, decided to take me to the national Hospital in Nairobi, over 400 kms from our village. This was in May 1976. Arriving in Nairobi by train early in the morning, my father knew not Nairobi nor any other language apart from the vernacular. Someone who understood our vernacular referred my father to Kibera where, he was advised, there were many of our tribesmen living. My father carried me on his back to Kibera, 6 kms away where we were accommodated by a family. After a few day, my father left me in Kibera and went back to the village. The man in the family (he was lame & limping) used to carry me on his back to the hospital. Many times he shared the burden with the neighbors. I went back to the village  after years in Kibera to continue schooling but kept my relationship in Kibera to date.

Simeon is a 1993 graduate from Egerton University, Simeon holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences, majoring in Sociology and Economics.

The Children

Meet some of our friends from the fourth grade:

 Hi, my name is Sherin MiroyoI am a girl and I want to be a pilot when I grow up.  My favorite things are chicken and rice, the color pink, skipping rope, mathematics, my schools library, the book “The Pride Girl” and my teacher, Faith.  I  would change the world by teaching young children to be responsible.



Hello, my name is Nigel Muhkwana. I am a boy and I want to be an engineer when I grow up. My favorite things are pizza, the color indigo, science, football, the book “Alien Force” and my teacher, Brian. What I like most about my school is the food.  I would change the world by helping people know about the word of God.



Hello, my name is Bravin Avuova. I am a boy and I want to be an engineer when I grow up. My favorite food is Chapati. My other favorite things are the color yellow, mathematics, football, the “Cat and Rabbit” story book, my teacher, Duncan. What I like most about school is how the teachers relate to the pupils and  I would teach people the word of God to change the world.



Hello, my name is Brenda Kasidi. I am a girl and I want to be a dancer when I grow up. My favorite food is Plau. My other favorite things are the color green, the English language, basketball, sweet butterflies, my teacher, Duncan.   What I like about my school the most is the E-Learning Center and I would change the world by eradicating poverty by creating jobs for poor people.



The Staff

Esther Kanini Mulinge
Head of Nursery & Pre-unit classes.
Esther joined FAFU as an ECD Teacher in May 2011. Prior to joining FAFU, she taught in various ECD Centres for a total of three years. She is also pursuing an in-service course in ECDE.

Robinson George Odhiambo
Head teacher of FAFU School
Robinson holds a Primary Teachers Training Certificate (P1) from Garissa Teachers Training College. Robinson has six years teaching experience, five of which he taught at Kibera YMCA School. Prior to joining FAFU in December 2011 as Head teacher, he was the Head teacher of Kibera YMCA school.

Edith Lusaka
Head of Baby Class
Edith is a single lady aged 23 years. She holds a two year certificate course in Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) from Sunrise Teachers Training College. Edith has two years experience as ECD teacher. She is in charge of baby class at FAFU Centre.

Justina Mueni
Head of FAFU day Care Unit.
Aged 44 years Justina is a mother of 5 children. She initially worked as a staff with the government’s Ministry of Agriculture for 11 years. After being retrenched from public service she worked as a matron in a school for 2 years before joining FAFU in mid 2011. Justina currently takes care of FAFU children aged below the age of 3 years.

Christine Katumbi Nicholas
Primary School Section Teacher
Christine is a single lady aged 23 years. She holds primary teachers Training Certificate (P1) from International Teaching and Training Centre. After graduating from the two year P1 training course she had a one month stint as a teacher at a Nairobi City Council school before joining FAFU as a primary school teacher.

Pricilla N. Juma
Primary School Section Teacher
A married lady aged 27 years, Pricilla holds a primary school Teachers Training Certificate having attended a two year P1 teaching course at Nyachwa Adventist College. Pricilla has six years teaching experience

Grace Anyango
School Matron
One of the founders of FAFU, Grace, aged 34years, is a married lady. She holds Certificate in Pastoral Counselling & Guidance. She recently completed a Certificate course in computer packages.

Benard Wambua
Benard is a single man aged 20 years old. He joined FAFU as a youth before being recruited as a staff in the cleaning department.

Esther Mukite
Esther joined FAFU as a cook late 2008 and has continued to run this department to date. Aged 26 years Esther is a Ugandan married in Kenya. She has always been the face of FAFU feeding programme.

Christopher Onyango
Night Guard
Christopher has been the night guard for FAFU since January 2011. Christopher is in his mid 20’s.