Facing the Future Child Development Learning Center

Kibera Facts

  • Kibera is the largest slum in Africa and is the second largest slum in the world.
  • Kibera is approximately the size of Central Park, with one million impoverished people living there.
  • The average house for four is about twenty-four square feet, made out of mud, cardboard, and tin, with no running water for a bathroom.
  • It takes two-hundred dollars to feed a child per year in Kibera, which is less than a dollar per day. Also, it took one- hundred twenty- eight dollars to a fill a classroom full of supplies, (text books, supplies, and writing utensils).
  • Seventy percent of the Kiberan population are children, and approximately fifty thousand of those children are orphans.
  • Through our partnership with Facing the Future, we had begun by assisting 120 children being supervised, educated, and fed every day and are now, is serving 300 children.