Wellness Facility Overview

Group Exercise Classes

We offer over 120 classes per week as part of our free drop-in Group Fitness offerings. Our Y is proud to have such a diverse selection of high quality offerings and some of the best instruction in the area. The classes cover many different disciplines from strength training and cardiovascular exercise to mind-body and water exercise─ there is something for everyone. The New Canaan Y also partners with MOSSA, a leader in providing branded group exercise programs. The MOSSA group fitness programs are carefully designed to deliver a simple, fun, and effective social exercise experience independent of barriers like gender, age, or fitness level. Our Y is proud to be the only facility in this area to offer eight of their programs including Strength Train Together®, Defend Together®, Cardio Step Together®, Core Focus Together®, Active Together®, Cycle Together®, Cycle 30 Together®, and Groove Together®. We have three beautiful centers where we conduct our programs. All of our classes are taught by Y staff who have been certified in their respective class disciplines and are among the most caring, experienced, and high quality professionals in the area. Y Group Fitness classes are open to all Y members 15 years of age and older as part of your membership. Children 12 -14 years of age may attend class with a parent with the exception of Group Power. Click here to view up-to-date group exercise schedules.

Group Exercise Center

Located on second level next to our Wellness Center, this 2,600 square foot space houses most of our Cardiovascular, Strength Training, Zumba, and MOSSA classes.

You will find mostly high energy classes in the Group Exercise Center. If you have any questions about the Group Exercise Center classes or you need help getting started, please contact Kristin Schnitzler, Group Wellness Director, at 203-920-1636.

Mind Body Center

Located on the lower level, the Mind Body Center is a quiet oasis from the hustle and bustle of the rest of our Y.

The Center houses all of our mind body based programs like yoga, mat pilates, NIA, and Tai Chi in its main room. Also in the Mind Body Center is our Pilates Apparatus Room, where we offer fee-based Pilates apparatus classes. The Center has a soothing water feature, beautiful bamboo floors, and relaxing colors to help you calm and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. If you have any questions about the Mind Body Center classes or you need help getting started please contact Kristin Schnitzler, Group Wellness Director, 203-920-1636.

Please note, that in order to encourage a clean and safe environment within our mind body classes, we encourage each participant to bring their own Yoga Mat for classes in the Mind Body Center. We have some mats available in the center for first time participants and in case of emergencies. If you use one of our mats, we ask that you kindly spray and wipe the mat off before you leave class.

Cycling Center

Located on the lower level is our 1400 square foot Cycling Center.

We have 31 Stages Cycle Bikes. Bikes are available on a first come, first served basis. Please come early to set up your bike, and bring a water bottle and towel to all Cycling classes. Comfortable workout clothing along with padded bike shorts or pants are the recommended attire for a class. It is important that you choose the proper footwear for Cycling. Shoes with stiff soles, such as cross-trainers, court shoes, light hiking shoes, or cycling shoes (with or without SPD clips) are best. If you have any questions about Cycling or you need help getting started please contact Kristin Schnitzler, Group Wellness Director, at 203-920-1636.

Aquatic Fitness Classes

Water is a wonderful, supportive environment to exercise in. Athletes have been using water exercise for years to rehab injuries or to cross-train for their sport. The great thing about water exercise is the ability to use the properties of water to vary the intensity of a workout thereby making it a wonderful form of exercise for all ages and abilities.

To let you experience this for yourself, we offer water exercise classes taught in our Forese Family Scooter Pool. If you have any questions about Water Exercise Classes or you need help getting started, please contact Kristin Schnitzler, Group Wellness Director at 203-920-1636.