Bouncing Bears & Beyond

Grade School Gymnastics: Ages K-7+ Years

Adapted Gymnastics programs are available! Up-to-date information about reopening can be found online or by subscribing to our email list.

Our recreational gymnastics program offers a variety of classes designed to be  fun and challenging and that will enhance your child’s overall athletic ability. It is a great fit for kids who want to learn gymnastics skills, stay fit, build strength and flexibility but don’t want to commit to long hours in the gym or partake in competitions. It is our goal to help each and every gymnast enjoy the sport of gymnastics and discover their potential in a positive and encouraging environment. Please contact Donna Carpenter at 203-920-1639 with any questions.


Spring 2021
Session 1:  March 8 – April 24, 2021 (6-week session)
Session 2:  April 26 – June 7, 2021 (6-week session)

NOVAS 1:  Ages K-7 years, Beginner
This class is for those ready for a structured format in our recreational gymnastics program. Our goal is to instill confidence and help children develop basic gymnastic moves that will help them improve involvement in all sports. This class is taught with a strong emphasis on tumbling and allows each child to develop at their own pace.

NOVAS 2:  Ages 7-10 years, Advanced Beginner (Some Experience)
Focus is on learning and improving basic skills including cartwheels, handstands, backbends, rolls, kickovers, back handsprigs, and bar & beam moves. We will challenge athletes individually to help improve their gymnastics skills.

SUPERNOVAS:  Ages 7+ years, Intermediate-Advanced (Experience Required)
This intermediate-advanced class is for those who have mastered the basics, including back rolls, cartwheels, and handstands. We will focus on refinement and more difficult moves and combinations.


Spring Session: March 8- June 7, 2021  (11-week session)

RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS:  Ages 4-6 & Ages 7+
Our partnership with Sporty Princess Rhythmic Gymnastics School brings the unique sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics to our Y.  Nurturing both body and spirit, Rhythmic Gymnastics is a sport combining gymnastics, ballet, and dance with the use of hand held apparatus, such as balls, ribbons, and hoops. All classes led by former Ukrainian professional gymnast and bronze medalist, Julia Sanarova.


Spring 2021
Session 1:  March 8 – April 24, 2021, 2021 (6-week session)
Session 2:  April 26 – June 7, 2021 (6-week session)

This 75 -minute class features two specialties in one class! Each class features 30 minutes of high energy hip hop, where participants will learn basic hip hop movements while finding their own personal style and expression through movement, The following  45 minutes will be spent in the Kid Zone learning basic through more challenging tumbling skills to increase strength, coordination, and flexibility. Skill stations will be utilized so that each child can improve at their own pace. REQUIRED: sneakers, water bottle, and mask. Drop off in gymnasium / Pick up Kid Zone.

DANCE JAM GYMNASTICS COMBO CLASS*:  Ages K-8 years-                                             * Fall-Winter only. Class is not available for Spring
This 90-minute class features two specialties in one class! Each class features 45 minutes of aerobic exercise incorporating a mix of different dance styles (hip hop, country line, Zumba, etc.), followed by 45 minutes of structured gymnastics.  All classes start in Mind Body Studio.

TAP & TUMBLE COMBO CLASS*:  Ages K-8 years –                                                               * Fall-Winter only. Class is not available for Spring
This one hour combo class offers children the chance to explore tap movements as we work on rhythms and coordination, and tumbling. Tap Segment: 30 minutes of basic tap to more complex moves, with great music! Tap shoes required. Gymnastics Segment: 30 minutes of tumbling and gymnastics progressions.

Class Rules & Procedures

  • All children in drop-off classes must bring a mask and water bottle with name clearly marked. Should a child’s mask pose a safety issue while tumbling (slipping over their eyes or around their neck) we will have them remove it.
  • Class sizes have been reduced to accommodate social distancing where possible.
  • Class times have been staggered to disinfect high-touch apparatus between classes.

Make-Up Policy: We will make every effort to provide a make-up class for illness or injury in a regularly scheduled class only if there is space available. All make–ups must be approved and scheduled by emailing Donna Carpenter, Gymnastics & Movement Education Director by calling 203-920-1639.