Healthy Living Programs

ForeverWell Programs for Active Older Adults

It’s your time to get active, stay fit and be social. Get involved and find out what our Y has to offer. These programs are geared toward, but not limited to our active older adult members. Whether you are new to our Y or just beginning to get to know us, there is something for everyone to stay ForeverWell.

2022 Upcoming ForeverWell Event Dates:

Free & Open to New Canaan YMCA Members!

For additional information, questions, or if you’re interested in volunteering to help organize activities, contact Carolynn Kaufman at 203-920-1656 or

Get Active

From Pickle Ball to Table Tennis, our sports department has many ways to keep you active and engaged. If you have a competitive spirit and dread hitting the gym, our sports department has other ways to keep you moving and fit. If you are someone who likes to take control and give strategic direction, there are also opportunities to share your talents and skills by volunteering as a coach or a program assistant.

View up-to-date gymnasium schedules at For additional information and any questions about the Y’s sports department, contact Lenwood Latta at 203-920-1634 or

Stay Fit

If you’re after wellness combining mind, body, and spirit, check out our list of opportunities to help you stay fit. Whether you want to work out in the Wellness Center, stretch your body and mind through pilates and yoga, join our group classes or engage in aquatic therapy, the Y has something for you. If you are a first time exerciser or have been at it for a while, we have something for you.

ForeverWell Group Fitness Classes:

  • Aquamates: This water exercise class is specifically designed for active, older adults. High-energy, fun class is great for improving physical, social, and mental well-being.
  • Chair Fitness: Improve your cardio, core, balance, and strength while seated in an upright chair. Fun music and great instructors!
  • Chair Yoga: With the support of a chair, this gentle yoga class will help you improve postural alignment, maintain pelvic mobility, reduce muscle tension, and gain strength through flowing movements and focused breathing.
  • Chair Pilates: From the chair to the mat, this pilates class will simultaneously strengthen and elongate all of the muscles of the body, focusing on the powerhouse (core) while using your own body weight for a healthy spine.
  • Hydrofit: This aquatic workout focuses on cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, as well as flexibility.
  • Hydro Intervals: High-energy cardio and resistance training in a fun aquatic environment using a variety of equipment and exercises. This class is suitable for all fitness levels and injury-free individuals.

Click here to view up-to-date group exercise schedules. For additional information and any questions about group exercise classes at the Y, contact Kristin Schnitzler at 203-920-1636 or

Wellness and Nutrition group programs: Kristin Schnitzler at 203-920-1636

Personal Training: Eva Saint  at 203-920-1623

Aquatics: Emily Daymonde at 203-920-1652

Be Social

The Y offers monthly enrichment activities free to active adult members. These opportunities are a great way to be social and enjoy time with your Y friends and fellow members. They are opportunities set aside for you to meet and greet one another, tell stories, talk about your favorite book, learn something new or just hang out, share your skills and give back by volunteering your time and talents or share your talents with people you love. If interested in making some extra dollars for your pocket, there are opportunities for part time work as well.