Youth Development Programs

Competitive Aquatics

Our Y is proud to offer three competitive aquatics teams in addition to two sports leagues.

Through these teams, our youth members develop not only the physical skills of the sport, but also strengthen their foundations of teamwork and self-confidence.

Caimans Swim Team

The New Canaan YMCA Caimans Swim Team provides a supportive, instructive, and fun environment for swimmers of all abilities to grow. Under an experienced and dedicated coaching staff, we provide competitive and non-competitive programs for all ages, from developing strokes to competing nationally—all while gaining confidence and learning the importance of teamwork. Learn more

Aquianas Synchronized Swimming Team

The New Canaan YMCA Aquianas offer synchronized swimming to girls of all ages and ability levels. From recreational classes to international competition, the Aquianas have a program to suit your needs. Learn more


Whirlwind Diving

Our program started in 1997, and has grown to well over 100 divers today. We welcome new divers in every age group and at every level. Our goal is to help every participant develop proper mechanics, have fun, and meet their personal objectives – whether they are novice, recreational, or Junior Olympic athletes. Learn more