Family Time

Adventure Guides

Adventure Guides (A Parent/Son and Parent/Daughter program: Kindergarten—4th grade)

The Adventure Guides program instills closer family relationships between parents and their children. Our program fosters togetherness by doing fun things, such as seasonal outings, Fundays at the Y (which include access to the Kidzone, crafts, and games in the gym), group pricing at local events, community service projects, a Parent/Daughter dance, Parent/Son event, and many other organized events. In the process, participants get to know and understand each other better. Parents become more aware of their children’s needs and, at the same time, children are provided with the important adult role models so necessary to their development. Youngsters savor the joys of achievement in joint projects, and parents, the fun and value of companionship with their children on a one-to-one basis. The parents and children join and participate together in small groups..

For additional information, contact George Bennett at 203-920-1634.