YSN Special Needs

YSN Young Adult Programs

Below are programs offered for teens and young adults with special needs.

Healthy Living Class (Ages 17-25)

Our Healthy Living program is designed specifically for young adults (Ages 17-25) with special needs that will include strength training followed by a cooking/food preparation class.

The first portion of the program will be either a fitness class (yoga or zumba) or fitness training in the wellness center led by a certified personal trainer. Fitness activities will roatate monthly. After the fitness portion, participants will then have an opportunity to socialize with friends and prepare a healthy snack to eat together.

Creative Arts Workshops (Ages 14-25)

Workshops will be offered on monthly basis to include dinner with friends followed by an art project or music activity.

TLC Salamander (Ages 17-25)


This is a structured swim class especially for young adults with special needs. Classes focus on buliding endurance in the water and basic swim strokes. All participants must be evaluated by the Aquatics Department prior to registering to determine if this is the appropriate class for them. The class ratio is 1 instructor to three participants. Registration will not be accepted without Director’s approval.

Cardio Dance (Ages 12+)

This modern dance program is an exciting way to exercise while having fun learning to dance! Each class will begin with a warm up of freestyle dance and then work on dance routines to music. The class ends with a cool down and a stretch. Its 45 minutes of fun filled movement!

Buddy Mentor Program

This new program provides teens and young adults with special needs the opportunity to partner with high school students and complete community service. Working with the town and other local non-profits we will set joint goals to complete community service projects at the Y and within the New Canaan community, and plan special social events of interest to the group (i.e.: special dinner out or pool party). If you are looking for leadership opportunities and to make new friends this is a great program for you!