Youth Sports & Wellness

Youth Wellness

We feel that providing wellness options for all ages is an important piece of supporting families in our community.

We try to provide classes that can help build an interest and enjoyment in personal fitness that a child can take with them as they grow into adults. Workouts in the Wellness Center, as well as fun group classes make up our youth wellness offerings.

Registration required/fee-based programs:

Youth Strength Training – FIT program (Free with family membership)

The FIT program is designed to strengthen families by providing opportunities to exercise together in a safe and fun environment. The program gives 12-14 year olds the opportunity to learn how to safely workout in the Wellness Center. Teens can achieve this by taking the Youth Strength Training class which teaches sound principles of strength training, aerobic endurance, muscle conditioning, as well as Wellness center safety. After successfully completing the exam at the end of the Youth Training class, the teens will receive a FIT pass. This pass allows them to use the Wellness Center from 2-5PM Monday through Sunday and also workout with a parent at any time. The classes are taught by a Y staff member who is a certified personal trainer and generally run for 8 week sessions. Youth Strength training classes are free to Y family members and fee based for Y youth members. Teens also have the option of earning a FIT pass through completing one on one sessions with a personal trainer and successfully completing the Youth Strength Training exam. Personal Training rates apply for these sessions. More information about the current offerings and fees can be found in our most recent brochure. Registration can be done online or at the New Canaan Y Front Desk. If you have any questions about Youth Strength Training or you need help getting started please contact Mark Spellman, Director of Healthy Living, ext. 127.

FIT-traxx for Kids (Ages 10-14)

FIT-traxx is scientifically designed to help people of all ages, shapes, and fitness levels melt fat, increase energy, build strength, and tone in only four weeks. Our FIT-traxx For Kids program features the small group training environment of the FIT-traxx program designed specifically for kids ages 10-14.

Drop-in classes/free to members

Family Spin

This class is for teens and adults. You can come on your own, with a friend, or with a family member. Set to your favorite music this class is a great workout, not to mention a fun ride! Note: Participants must have a minimum leg length of 30 inches from the top of the hip bone to the bottom of the foot.

This is a free, on-going, drop-in Spin Class taught in our Spinning and Training Center. More information about the times and days of the class can be found on our most recent spinning schedule. It is recommended that you sign up for Spin classes prior to coming to avoid getting shut out of a class. The class sign-up sheets are in a binder located at the Y front desk. You are allowed to sign up one week before the scheduled class. Please come early to set up your bike and bring a water bottle and towel to all Spinning classes. Comfortable workout clothing along with padded bike shorts or pants is the recommended attire for a class. It is important that you choose the proper footwear for Spinning. Shoes with stiff soles, such as cross-trainers, court shoes, light hiking shoes, or cycling shoes (with or without SPD clips) are best. If you have any questions about Family Spin or you need help getting started please contact Senior Director of Healthy Living and Medical Fitness, Bridget Philipp, ext. 126.

Family Pilates Fusion

This class introduces the basics of mat Pilates with easy-to-follow moves for moms, dads, and kids. Participants will strengthen their core plus learn exercises to increase flexibility in their back, hamstrings, calves, hips and shoulders. Open to ages 10 and up!

This class is free to members and is taught in our Mind Body Center as part of the on-going, drop-in schedule. No advance sign-ups are required for this class. If you have any questions about Family Pilates Fusion or you need help getting started, please contact Bridget Philipp, Senior Director of Healthy Living and Medical Fitness, at ext. 126.