Arts and Humanities

Y Art Gallery

Our Y Art Gallery is a great opportunity for our members and local artists—both young and young at art—to share their imagination and talent through their personal artwork, allowing Y members and the community to take a special inside look at their exceptional creativity and skill.

All shows are located at our Y in the second floor lobby.

If you are an Independent artist or n a group interested in sharing your work at our Y please download the “Artist Submission Application” by clicking “Show Your Work” and submit it to; Nicki Jezairian or if you have any questions you can contact her directly by phone, 203-966-4528, ext. 157.

Past Exhibits

Here at our Y we have been blessed with having wonderful pieces of work showcased here in our lobby. A compilation of Y member’s painting and photographs, Lapham Center Art Class Projects and a showcase remembering the heroic men and women who were some of the first responders on September 11th, just to name a few. Below are some past exhibits that we have showcased.

CELEBRATING OUR HEROES – A collection of portraits of New Canaan first responders who put their lived in danger on September 11th.

The photos are a part of a memorial for the 10th anniversary of the attacks. The photos were taken by High School Senior Bryan James and the memorial was of his creation. He was inspired by the “Inside Out Project” to create a photographic memorial of the first responders from New Canaan. The posters were displayed at our Y for the community to honor the heroism and bravery of the men and women from New Canaan who put their lives in danger for the victims of the September 11th terrorist attacks.
To learn more about the “Inside Out Project”, visit their website at

“Brush Strokes” – An exhibit showcasing art work created by individuals with special needs.

In partnership with Arts For Healing, the New Canaan YMCA featured, “Brush Strokes” an exhibit showcasing art work created by individuals with special needs in Fairfield County, including several members of the Y. Both organizations share the belief that, through art, individuals connect with the rest of the world and that being a part of a large group provided individuals with a deep sense of self. A person with developmental disabilities is no exception. Art enables them to communicate their feelings and this exhibit provided these talented individuals to share their artwork with their community.