Group Fitness

Spinning and Training Center

Located adjacent to the Group Exercise Center on the second level is our 1400 square foot Spinning and Training Center.

This is the home to all of our Spinning classes, as well as many fee-based personal fitness training programs, such as our FIT-traxx program. We have 31 NXT Spin Bikes by Star Trac. It is recommended that you sign up for Spin classes prior to coming to avoid getting shut out of a class. The class sign-up sheets are in a binder located at the Y front desk. You are allowed to sign up one week before the scheduled class. Please come early to set up your bike, and bring a water bottle and towel to all Spinning classes. Comfortable workout clothing along with padded bike shorts or pants are the recommended attire for a class. It is important that you choose the proper footwear for Spinning. Shoes with stiff soles, such as cross-trainers, court shoes, light hiking shoes, or cycling shoes (with or without SPD clips) are best. If you have any questions about Spinning or you need help getting started please contact Bridget Philipp at or ext. 126.


45-minute (unless indicated otherwise) non-impact cardiovascular and strength workout set to music on a specially-designed stationary bike.

SPIN & 10min Abs
45-minute spin with 10 minutes of abs; participants have the option of staying for the abs portion of the class.

Family SPIN
This class is for teens and adults. You can come on your own, with a friend, or with a family member. Set to your favorite music this class is a great workout, not to mention a fun ride! Note: Participants must have a minimum leg length of 30 inches from the top of the hip bone to the bottom of the foot.

Indoorwalking group elliptical cardio classes are extremely low impact and very high calorie burning. It is a 45-minute total body workout using an elliptical machine specifically designed for group fitness. The class is choreographed by energetic instructors with motivating music, and similar to Spinning, can be adjusted based on ability.