Real Members, Real Stories

Click below to read stories of real members and how the New Canaan YMCA has had an impact on their life.

Cayla and Alyssa MacKenzie

“The Y is a place where we can have fun together, while feeling welcome and safe…”
Click here to read Cayla & Alyssa’s story.

Mina Shah

“I would not be who I am today without the Y…”
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Linda Muscolino

“The Y is my home away from home…”
Click here to read Linda’s story.

Caroline Muller

“My experience at camp, as both a camper and now a counselor, has continued to help shape my goals for the future…”
Click here to read Caroline’s story.

Y Lunchtime Hoops Crew

“The Y is a part of who we are…”
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Gabe Kavookjian

“I’ve always been a Y kid…”
Click here to read Gabe’s story.

Pat and Carol Cunnigham

“The secret to a long, healthy life is staying active…”
Click here to read Pat and Carol’s story.

Tom Molito

“The support of the Y and its members help keep me going…”
Click here to read Tom’s story.


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