Youth Water Activities

Parent-Child Swim Classes

In the Parent/Child aquatic program , skills are taught to make both children and parentscomfortable in the water together.  Under the direction of trained staff, parents learn how to develop their child’s strength and confidence in the water, while maintaining a safe swimming environment.  Infant aquatic classes are a fun, special time for parents to interact with their children and with each other.

Program Focuses & Goals:

  • Develop aquatic readiness
  • Educate parents and children about aquatic hazards and ways to reduce risk of drowning.
  •  Build self-esteem within the water
  • Parents learn how to guide their children in the water to help them become stronger, safer, and more confident.

Refund Policy

If the Y cancels a program, a 100% refund will automatically be issued.

If a class is cancelled by the Y due to inclement weather or an emergency, every effort will be made to offer a make-up class. If the YMCA is unable to do this, credit for the missed class will be issued.

If participants are unable to attend the scheduled make-up class, no credit will be issued.

If the refund request is received by the YMCA at least 1 week prior to the program start date a 100% refund/credit will be issued.

If the refund request is received by the YMCA by or after the first class, regardless of when the participant was registered and whether or not the participant attended, no refund/credit shall be given.

If a program participant withdraws due to a medical reason, with written verification by a physician, a prorated refund/credit will be issued. Please note, the request must be submitted within two weeks of session end date.

*Less a $15 processing fee per person/per program.

Parent-Child Programs:

Shrimp/Kipper- Parent/Child 6-12 months

Children between the ages of 6-12 months. Children can control head, sit with or without the support of hands.

Inia- Parent/Child 13-18 months

Children between the ages of 13-24 months. Child can stand without support; walks with or without support or aid.

Perch- Parent/Child 19-36 months

Children between the ages of 19-36 months. Child can run, jump, and is beginning to speak using words and phrases.

Perch II Parent/Child 24-36 months

Children between the ages of 24-36 months. Child has experience with a floatation device (IFD), is comfortable in the water, and is starting to show confidence and independence.

Perch II Plus Parent/Child 35 months- 3 yrs

This is a Parent/Child class for children who have completed the Perch II level and whio are able to progress the this advanced class per the recommendation of the instructor. This is a bridge class to the preschooler levels for children who do not meet the age requirement. Parent participation & instructor recommendation are required for this class.